This is what $20 worth of food from the City Market in Kansas City looks like.
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This is What $20 of Groceries from the City Market in Kansas City Looks Like

The City Market is and always will be the heart of Kansas City, MO. At least in my eyes. If you want to get a good idea of the city is like, go to the City Market. Tip: The local vibes are strongest on Saturdays! More than just a hot spot for tourists, it’s also the location of Kansas City’s largest farmers market. Every week, seven days a week, thousands shop for the freshest local produce.

As you can gauge from the title of this post, it’s about eating affordably in Kansas City. My weekly food budget is $50. For just me and a five-year old, that is plenty. Sometimes it is too much. Staying within that budget is easy mainly because of the myriad of options for thrifty yet healthy food in Kansas City. Months ago, my original idea was to post what $50 worth of groceries would be, but I quickly changed my mind. There’s just no way Lily and I could eat $50 of City Market produce in one week.

Without further ado, here is our real City Market haul from last weekend.

Bread – $4
A staple in pretty much every household anywhere. But I wouldn’t label what Bristle Ridge Farms creates as mere bread. A more accurate description would be manna from heaven. They have several varieties. Our favorites are the rosemary Italian loaf and cake like pineapple coconut.

Eggs – $3.50
I don’t know what it is about eggs straight from a farm but they are the creamy dreamiest. A few farmers sell eggs. We normally buy them from DanJo Farm but on this day chose to go with Abe Yoder Farm.

Corn on the Cob – $3
I have a big thing for street food. When I saw delicious corn my mouth starting watering. I happily went home with 9 ears of corn which were prepared elote style. The farmer from Flores Farm sold 6 for $3 and threw in a few extra.

Kale – $2
Kale is an acquired taste. Lily has acquired it while I have not. But since she loves it I got some. The farmer who sold it to me recommended I bake them into kale chips. He was even kind enough to share his recipe with me. If I do make some I’ll be sure to post it.

Tomatoes – $3
Sweet, juicy, earthy tomatoes! In our household we eat them like apples. We got a sweet deal too! Two cartons for the price of one.

Baby Eggplants – $3
The little purple beauties from Lee Family Farm were too good to pass up. I plan on turning them into eggplant parmesan and vegetable kabobs.

Herbs and Spices – $2 per scoop
Last but certainly not least, we made sure to spice it up. Tikka House herbs and spices are another stable in our house.

Grand total: $20.50. I can’t say it enough. Eating healthy foods does not have to be expensive. What tips do you have for food on a budget? Leave a comment below. Thanks so much for reading!


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