Olivia’s Birthday Party

Olivia’s Birthday Party

IMG_20140321_162701IMG_20140321_162846Fun Run Indoor Play Center has several play areas making it a great choice for my niece Olivia’s birthday party. ┬áThe main room has inflatable jump houses and a Wild West themed Imagination Village. Kids will love exploring the police station, fort, and laundromat. Younger children will need adult supervision to climb the stairs and crawl through the small spaces. The toddler room, for kids under five, is pirate themed. The arcade room has basketball, skee ball, and racing games. Play to win prizes.


IMG_20140321_162044IMG_20140321_161845Party packages are available for birthdays and other celebrations. Monday and Tuesday nights, from 6-8 pm, private parties are available for up to 40 children. The cost is $50 less than a weekend Ultimate Party package. If having your kiddo’s party on a weekday wouldn’t be a big deal to you this would be the best way to go.


IMG_20140321_162425IMG_20140321_162736Regular admission is $8 per child. Just the right price for treating a child to an afternoon of fun or rewarding them for doing something good. I’m glad I wore comfortable shoes because I was on my feet pretty much the whole time. I can also say I had just as much fun keeping up with my daughter as she did running, playing, and jumping around.

Fun Run Indoor Play Center is located at 1919 Industrial Drive in Liberty, Missouri.

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