“By this gospel you are saved…that Superman died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Lois Lane, and then to the Justice League. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the citizens of Metropolis at the same time…” I Batman v Superman 1:1 The purpose of this review of Batman v Superman as written is to express my thoughts on how the word of God is dangerously warped through seemingly harmless entertainment films and television. Disclosure: I was able to view andRead More →

River Market Antiques hosted an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, March 26, 2016. Customers had the wonderful opportunity to explore three levels of antiques while looking for eggs filled with discount coupons. River Market Antiques 30,000 square foot store is home to over 180 local antique dealers. Each unique booth is a look into the owner’s life and personality. We thoroughly enjoyed taking a walk back in time with the wide variety of antiques and vintage items. My Favorite River Market Antiques Dealers The Tin Man David Stark & Howard Mischlich own The Tin Man booth at the Southeast corner of the antiques store. Mischlich hasRead More →

This post will kill two birds with one stone…as the saying goes. As you may know I’m on a challenge to dine at all 44 Kansas City Original Restaurants before the end of the year. My afternoon at The Roasterie makes number two. Secondly, this is the first in a new series called Take a Tour of Kansas City. In the series, I’ll share our experiences of tours you can take in Kansas City. Now on to The Roasterie Cafe Factory tour. The Roasterie goes to great lengths to bring its customers the best coffee. Complimentary tours give coffee lovers a chance to learn aboutRead More →

Our daughter wasn’t even a year old before we began to consider what options we had for her education in the Kansas City Public School system. At the time we assumed they would be slim. The knowledge that we lived in a city which had lost its accreditation gave us little hope for when the time came for Lily to go to school. With the same mind set I’ve discovered many parents of young children have, my husband suggested moving to Raytown where the schools were presumably better. Gasp! No! But refusing to consider giving up our beloved urban city life wasn’t enough. Where wouldRead More →

Celebrate the Irish in everyone with by enjoying a performance from the dancers of Kansas City’s O’Riada Manning Academy of Irish Dance! The O’Riada Manning Academy of Irish Dance is the original certified Irish dance academy of Kansas City. Instructors have offered a wide range of classes for both children and adults of all levels and backgrounds for more than 20 years. Their dance is appropriate for all ages. OM’s teachers, Joseph Manning and Emily McCarty, were both born and raised in Kansas City and are delighted to continue the tradition of Irish dance in this area. OM is known for producing well-rounded competitors and performersRead More →

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