Local eateries came together to see which deserved the crown of best sweets in The Pitch Sugar Rush. Let me say the competition was tough. All the restaurants brought their A-Game but a few just shined brighter than the rest.   The winner was Accurso’s Italian Restaurant for the second year in a row. Although, I think they had an unfair advantage. Their melon granita with mint and basil. Sometimes I wonder what foods I will taste in heaven and this is on that list.  After a few turns of the room I was desperate for something cool to drink. Except with long lines andRead More →

In the past I had always been a fan of dinner at D’Bronx pizza. However, after my last meal, I can no longer sing their praises. Other pizzeria’s around town are giving them some serious competition. Places like Santora’s and Spin. With that in mind here is my account of the last time. The cheese pizza we ate on this particular occasion did nothing to plead the case of why I should remain loyal to D’Bronx. Two slices and a large soda cost $7.65 (tax not included). The taste of it was watery. Not just the sauce but also the cheese and crust. I can’tRead More →

Travel on the yellow brick road through the land of Oz as Crown Center celebrates the beloved motion picture, The Wizard of Oz, 75th anniversary. Each vibrantly painted section has interactive prompts to delight adults and children alike. You can watch as Dorothy gets sucked up in the tornado that takes her to Oz. Meet the Munchkins, Glinda, the Good Witch, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and The Cowardly Lion. Walk through the evil enchanted forest to The Wicked Witch’s castle. Fly in the Wizard’s hot air balloon. A section of the exhibit is dedicated to display Jane Albright’s collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia.Read More →

Philomena is based on the book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee, the story of a woman in 1950’s Ireland who was forced into a convent to work manual labor in order to hide an illicit pregnancy. Three years into living in the convent her child was adopted. Eventually she left, was married, and had other children. But throughout her life she never stopped searching for the child that was taken away from her. Journalist Martin Sixsmith (author of the book) read of her story and decided to assist in her quest. Their journey led them all the way to America where life changing secrets were revealedRead More →

“It was good. It was funny.” -Terry Watts Cast: Ice Cube…….James Payton Kevin Hart…….Ben Barber Laurence Fishburne…….Omar Tika Sumpter…….Angela Payton John Leguizamo…….Santiago Bryan Callen…….Miggs Bruce McGill…….Lt. Brooks Gary Owen…….Crazy Cody Jay Pharoah…….Runflat David Banner…….Pawnshop Jay Dragoș Bucur…….Marko Gary Weeks…….Dr. Cowan Jacob Latimore…….Ramone Ben Barber, a security guard aspires to join the Atlanta Police Department alongside his girlfriend’s brother who he is desperately trying to impress. Unfortunately, the brother, James Payton, can’t stand him. In a last ditch effort to drive him away James takes Ben on a “ride along” responding to emergency calls dispatched over the police radio. It’s all fun and games for JamesRead More →

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