It was a freezing 16 degrees outside. The harsh biting air hit like a brick to my face. Lily was so bundled up she looked like the Michelin Man. “Is this really worth it?”, was the question that formed in my head as I buckled Lily in her stroller. I asked myself that question a dozen more times as I walked to the front ticket counter. The cashier handed me an entry pass and a map then informed me that most of the animals wouldn’t be seen due to the cold temperature. “Hmm, maybe I should turn around and go back home”, I thought, “No,Read More →

Walt Disney promised his daughters that he would make a movie about the beloved heroine from the popular children’s book series, Mary Poppins. Little did he know that keeping such a promise would turn out to be a test of perseverance through a battle of wills. Over 20 years passed before production even began. Los Angeles circa 1961 is where we meet the characters as story lines are written, revised, then revised again, and music is composed. The film also goes back in time to Australia in 1906 where the author, P.L. Travers grew up. We see her as a child and learn what droveRead More →

Watching a good movie is my favorite pastime. There’s just something about seeing how scripts, a director’s vision, actors, and locations can all come together. Any theater where you can catch the latest flick for under $5 any day of the week is an added bonus. Cinemark Palace at the Plaza is such a theater. Located between Noodles & Company and Urban Outfitters it’s usually a go to on date nights for Terry and me. Another location is in Merriam, KS. The Palace has a VIP Room great for upgrading your viewing experience. It costs a little bit more than a regular evening priced ticketRead More →

I’m sure several types of people will relate to my story of being in Kansas City. Those who live here and love it. (You’re an awesome and special kind of person.) That’s where I fit in and I’m proud. Those, if you’re still reading, who just thought, “What kind of crazy person loves Kansas City? I’m trying to get out of this dump!”. Also, those who are here but don’t know much about it. Maybe you’re visiting, just moved, or don’t get out much. I’ve been in each category at different points of my life. I grew up in Kansas City and have lived hereRead More →

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