In the fall of 1957, a young conductor, Russell Patterson proposed to transplant the European opera theatre to a more or less typical American setting. A number of local opera buffs welcomed the idea, but there were many qualms. Friends told them it could not be done. The Company has been proving the friends wrong ever since . Today Lyric Opera brings high quality live operatic perfomances to the people of the Kansas City area and five state region. Repertoire choices encompass original language performancrs of standard repertory as well as contemporary and American operas. The Company seeks to mount productions that enrich the communityRead More →

Meeting up with the girls for a birthday celebration lunch at Kona Grill sounded like a great idea. Knowing I would partake of their happy hour made it even better. If you’ve never eaten at the Kona Grill happy hour just know that it’s considered one of the best in the city. The food is always delicious and customer service is amazing. I’ve been to a few where it seemed like I should have made a reservation just to get a seat at the bar and they were crowded like a Taylor Swift concert. Not at all the case with Kona Grill.   Kona GrillRead More →

During the month of March I challenged myself to find at least one free event everyday. I posted all of them on ¬†KiaraLovesKC’s Facebook page. Any time I see the word “free” used in the description of something happening in Kansas City it grabs my attention. And those who are reading this may be surprised to know that I see that word a lot. Most of the entertainment I enjoy in the city is free or extremely cheap. (Remember, my favorite theater shows movies for under $5.) My main concern was finding events that would appeal to a wide range of people. I’m a bookwormRead More →

I have to confess I do not like barbecue. I developed an aversion to it in my early twenties. I blame several bad BBQ experiences. Tough, dry, burnt meats that taste like cigarette smoke covered with sugary sweet ketchup sauces. Totally ruined it for me. Now whenever I even hear that word my reaction is straight out of a Ivan Pavlov textbook. BBQ? Ewww, gross! I know what you’re thinking. Highly unorthodox for someone who was born and raised in Kansas City. My intention is to go on a restaurant quest of sorts this summer to hopefully revive my taste for the sauce. LC’s, Gates,Read More →

Local eateries came together to see which deserved the crown of best sweets in The Pitch Sugar Rush. Let me say the competition was tough. All the restaurants brought their A-Game but a few just shined brighter than the rest.   The winner was Accurso’s Italian Restaurant for the second year in a row. Although, I think they had an unfair advantage. Their melon granita with mint and basil. Sometimes I wonder what foods I will taste in heaven and this is on that list. ¬†After a few turns of the room I was desperate for something cool to drink. Except with long lines andRead More →

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