Melissa Cavallari’s life journey has brought her from the United States to beachfront broadwalks of Venice, Italy and back again. All the while she has pursued her love of crafting artisan jewelry. Suryashakti Jewelry is the result of that pursuit. Cavallari was born in the United States but grew up in a little beach town just south of Venice. Since she was a young teenager she had dreamed of learning the art of jewelry making from master artisans.  She and her friends would stroll the small walks in Venice peeking into artisan’s shop’s windows, hoping to catch a glimpse into the life of a MasterRead More →

The City Market has been a rich part of Kansas City since 1857. Local farmers, shops, restaurants, and fun events make it the ultimate Kansas City hotspot. - Kiara Watts

To celebrate the summer, I’m writing about the City Market, my favorite summertime spot in Kansas City. Psst, there’s a bonus giveaway at the end! It’s August in Kansas City. For me and other moms and dads that means getting ready for the kids to go back to school. However, most of the city seems to also think that means the end of summer. It was barely the end of July before I started seeing stories about the last days of summer. Well, the rest of Kansas City may act like we’ll be stuck in three feet blizzards in the next couple of weeks, butRead More →

I had the pleasure of meeting Rachael Messner during my latest adventure at the March 2016 First Friday in the Crossroads Arts District. She and her husband Erik started Messner Family Farm almost six years ago. Among the many amazing products they sell are their bee cosmetics. As Rachael put it, she’s the artist and Erik is the muscle. She comes from a background in marketing and consulting, that she left to pursue her dreams of creating a more sustainable lifestyle with Erik and their son. Erik is an engineer and the main beekeeper on Messner Family Farm. They became interested in gardening in 2008. Once theRead More →

Kansas City is full of Black history and culture. Enjoy Black History Month with these 20 ways to show respect and honor to the past and celebrate who Black people are today. Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center and Museum commemorates and interprets the African-American diaspora particularly in the Missouri, the City of Kansas City, MO, and its surrounding areas through fostering educational and cultural programs about the past, present and contemporary contributions of African-Americans who served to shape the city and state’s history and culture. A major part of contemporary and future interests involves the conscientious development of the state environmental policies. The first levelRead More →

what to do in kansas city

I get asked, quite often, what kinds of things are there to do in Kansas City. Or where can I take the kids or what’s a good place for a date night or what is there to do this weekend? You get the idea. I’m always able to pull a pretty decent list of local events and places from my mental Rolodex. But most of the things I list are no big secrets. Nobody made me give a secret handshake and a password to find out. So, pssst, come close! I’m going to share with you information about the sources from which I learn about whatRead More →

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