Some of my best meals have been at La Bodega. Thinking back to a recent dining experience there reminded me of a story I heard on Christina Cooks, a Create TV cooking show. Christina Pirello, the host of the show, shared a story of a trip she made to Spain. While there, Pirello met a young man who struck up a conversation about the culture of American dining. He commented on how he shocked he was that Americans can simply eat anywhere including on the streets. (Picture grabbing a quick cheeseburger from the nearest food truck or scarfing down breakfast on the way to work.) NowRead More →

Sunday May 8, 2016 and the days leading up to it were my best celebration of Mother’s Day yet! No, I didn’t get breakfast in bed (ugh crumbs) or a day at the spa (maybe soon). However, what I did get I loved, none the less. A fantastic Mother’s Day weekend with my incredible daughter, Lily. The weekend got kicked off at the first 18th & Vine jazz district First Friday. It had the vibes of being more like a neighborhood block party. The street from the Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey office to Cajun style restaurant Danny’s Big Easy was closed off. SoundsRead More →

This post will kill two birds with one stone…as the saying goes. As you may know I’m on a challenge to dine at all 44 Kansas City Original Restaurants before the end of the year. My afternoon at The Roasterie makes number two. Secondly, this is the first in a new series called Take a Tour of Kansas City. In the series, I’ll share our experiences of tours you can take in Kansas City. Now on to The Roasterie Cafe Factory tour. The Roasterie goes to great lengths to bring its customers the best coffee. Complimentary tours give coffee lovers a chance to learn aboutRead More →


Grinders is a funky little restaurant smack dab in the middle of the Crossroads neighborhood. From the front door to the back patio, it’s right at home in Kansas City’s eclectic art district. Jeffrey “STRETCH” Rumaner opened the restaurant in 2004. Rumaner’s passion for transforming the blighted neighborhood earned him the nickname “Mayor of the Crossroads”. His efforts to solicit other artists, entertainers, gallery owners and entrepreneurs to move into the neighborhood and open businesses has resulted in over 70 galleries and over 50 restaurants in the district. Since 2004, Rumaner has opened sister restaurants, Grinders West, Grinders – Stonewall, and Grinders High Noon. We dined there onRead More →

Eating my way through the KC Originals

The KC Originals is a group of over 40 independently owned local area restaurants. I attempted the tasty feat of dining at every KC Originals restaurant in 2014. Unfortunately that culinary adventure wasn’t completed. Since it’s the time of year for resolutions, I’m making a few too. I will have eaten at all the KC Original restaurants before the year ends. While I have already been to some, I choose not to count them, yet. New year, new start! Also, if you haven’t realized, Kansas City is a food lovers dreamland! This resolution could be expensive but I found a few ways to save. Kansas City SpacesRead More →