Years ago I walked past a Jimmy John’s (of all places) and noticed a poster on the wall. “50 Things I Learned By the Time I Was 50”. I stood there long enough to read through the list twice. It was such a novel idea that it has stuck with me ever since. So, now, as I get ready for my 30th birthday I want to share 30 things I’ve learned. Who knows? This may inspire you to reflect on what lessons life has taught you. Thirty for 30th Birthday 1. I can no longer place the blame for what’s wrong with me solely onRead More →

I felt a rage begin to grow inside me. Thoughts of a clearly distinct action charged through my mind. ‘Go back to that restaurant and demand we get what we ordered or a full refund.’ However, as I stared at the pig slop mess of vegetables and a small handful of shrimp I suppressed that urge. I began to pepper my husband with questions. “Did you check the order before you left?” “No”, he said. “What happened when you went back the first time? How much did you pay for it? Where’s the rest of the food? ” “It spilled in the bag”, he replied.Read More →

When I ask the question, “What have you been up to?”, I don’t want to hear about the latest workplace drama or a questionably generalized answer of the family’s all good. Certainly the worst thing you could say is “Nothing much”. What I really want to know is what new and different things you have done. What hobbies have you started? What passion projects have you developed? What experiences and knowledge have you gained? So, now let me answer that question. Here’s what I’ve been up to: I’ll begin with the news you’ve been waiting to hear. I got the job! This success is contributedRead More →

The Full Employment Council has locations throughout the Kansas City metro area to help those looking for jobs in Kansas City. Youth, age 14-21, living in Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte, and Ray Counties can qualify for career mentoring, educational opportunities, and access to internships and summer employment. Adults, 18 and older, can receive basic services, career preparation, and job training. The basic services include free access to computers, telephones, copiers, and fax machines. Customers may complete a skills assessment for career development and attend workshops resume building and interview readiness. Week 2 An instructor of the interview workshop met with me for a one onRead More →

On a Saturday afternoon in the City Market people nearly trailed out the door and around the corner of Beignet. So, being honest, the first time I ate there was just to know what all the hype was about. One lone server calmly handed baskets of food to customers despite the crowd. While it may seem like a good idea to do lunch during a weekend shopping day, clearly frying up beignets assembly line style effected their quality. The unregulated temperature of the oil made for some greasy deep fried pastries. Tasty but very greasy. A few days later I had an errand at theRead More →

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