I had the pleasure of meeting Rachael Messner during my latest adventure at the March 2016 First Friday in the Crossroads Arts District. She and her husband Erik started Messner Family Farm almost six years ago. Among the many amazing products they sell are their bee cosmetics. As Rachael put it, she’s the artist and Erik is the muscle. She comes from a background in marketing and consulting, that she left to pursue her dreams of creating a more sustainable lifestyle with Erik and their son. Erik is an engineer and the main beekeeper on Messner Family Farm. They became interested in gardening in 2008. Once theRead More →

Last weekend the Westin Crown Center was transformed into a knee-slapping, song-belting, square-dancing, guitar-strumming music festival. To be exact, Folk Alliance International presented the annual Kansas City Folk Festival. If you happened to be there you got a giant serving of folk music from Kansas City and around the world. Folk Alliance International (formerly the North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance) is the non-profit organization based locally that sponsors the Kansas City Folk Festival. Folk Alliance International has a mission to nurture, engage, and empower the international folk music community. Amateur and professional artists alike have access to education, advocacy, and performances. Since moving theRead More →

Black History Month 2016. A N M L T R X P album cover art

A N M L T R X P, Royce ‘Sauce Remix’ Handy’s newest album, is an anthology of songs inspired by the issue of racially based mass incarceration in America. Through trap style hip hop music, Sauce Remix aims to educate his listeners about societal traps that young black men and women need to avoid in life. Something happens to a person between the ages of 25 and 30. They start to open their eyes to the world around them. Looking beyond their everyday life, they began to ask questions like What is going on around me? How does what’s in the daily news headlinesRead More →