Seven lessons I am currently teaching my four year old daughter that she will need for the rest of her life. - Kiara Watts, My City Adventures

Seven Lessons I Am Currently Teaching My Four Year Old Daughter that She Will Need for the Rest of Her Life 1. Always Keep a Straight Line When Walking Across the Street This one is more common sense based than the rest of them. Yet, just as important. We live and primarily play in the midtown/downtown areas of Kansas City, MO. I also choose to live without owning a vehicle. As a result of constantly being in such highly trafficked neighborhoods, I’ve developed a heightened sense of fear about getting hit by a car. It doubled when my daughter came along. From the time Lily turnedRead More →

Our daughter wasn’t even a year old before we began to consider what options we had for her education in the Kansas City Public School system. At the time we assumed they would be slim. The knowledge that we lived in a city which had lost its accreditation gave us little hope for when the time came for Lily to go to school. With the same mind set I’ve discovered many parents of young children have, my husband suggested moving to Raytown where the schools were presumably better. Gasp! No! But refusing to consider giving up our beloved urban city life wasn’t enough. Where wouldRead More →

Animal Tales and Trails at Crown Center

Animal Tales and Trails is at Crown Center. Enter an interactive habitat where children learn about the most interesting creatures! Join the polar bear in his cave, fly down the penguin iceberg slide, jump with the kangaroo on a small trampoline, and much more. A reading area features many animal story books.     The interactive exhibits in Crown Center’s Showplace are always a treat for Lily. Some of our favorites over the years have featured the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz and a Storybook Village. For me, Animal Tales and Trails was another enjoyable exhibit, due in part to the added teachableRead More →

When it comes to Lily, there is one all-encompassing thing I make time for everyday. Her education. Deuteronomy 6:6-7 strips me of the excuse of saying she’s learning at school and putting the lessons she needs to learn solely in the hands of a teacher. Her dad and I are her first teachers. With determination, creativity, and countless Google searches I have a wealth of resources to make sure Lily’s life is full of opportunities to think outside the classroom in Kansas City. Listed below are just a few of them. Here at Home Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Time Lily is a close step behind me most of theRead More →

The phrase “Back to School” hasn’t meant anything to me for years. I haven’t even taken advantage of the Tax Free weekends until this year. This year, now that Lily is three, Terry and I decided that the best choice for her would be to start preschool in the Kansas City Public School system (KCPS). That means new teachers, uniforms, school supplies, and a new routine complete with PTA meetings. As we got ourselves ready I felt glad that Lily is able to one of the better KCPS schools but also sad because her teaching is no longer solely provided by me. Posts on social networksRead More →